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Once I walked freely amongst the Namibian Desert without fear.

Today I fear for my existence!

- The Vanishing Kings –


namibia CLICK & TRAVEL is proud to officially support the desert lions of Namibia. We initiated a t-shirt campaign in support of the organisation DeLHRA. Contact us if you would like to contribute for a good cause and order a t-shirt from us:


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100% of the profit from the purchase of the t-shirt goes to DeLHRA and thus directly into the conservation of our beloved desert lions.
Price per T-Shirt NAD 280.00 (adult shirt) and NAD 230.00 (children's shirt).
T-Shirt colour: Men = dark grey | women = white or beige | children 5-10 years = beige.


Why protect the desert lion of Namibia?
The rare desert lions of Namibia occur mostly in the Kunene Region and are rapidly facing extinction. Conflict between wildlife and the local people of Namibia is a significant problem. Human Wildlife Conflict (HWC) is particularly common on the communal lands in northern Namibia, where large carnivores regularly prey on domestic livestock and causes financial losses and disrupt the lives of the local people.


What is DeLHRA about?
DeLHRA is a non-profit organisation working together with local farming communities to preserve wildlife. DeLHRA supplies farmers with the tools and know-how to protect their livestock and ultimately, their livelihoods. In addition, DeLHRA seeks to allow farmers to benefit directly from the growing tourism industry, incentivising local communities to have a vested interest in the preservation of wildlife.


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For direct donations to DeLHRA use the following link:



Photo credit: Martin Krajczy- FINE ART landscape photography.

Photographer Martin is a repeat traveller to Namibia, a nature lover and a desert lion supporter.


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