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Whether you opt for a camping or lodge tour, whether you prefer to travel with a tour guide or travel on your own, if you want to travel by car or by plane, whether adventure, relaxation, wellness or family vacation, the possibilities are endless… And here we present a small selection:


 You can leave Africa, but it will never leave you!


dsc 0243 small Self Drive

Experience Africa on your own!

Experience Southern Africa, the stunning scenery at your own pace! You can travel either with a 4x4 fully equipped vehicle with roof top tent or with a normal rental vehicle from place to place.  From an adventurous camping tour to a luxurious lodge tour, together we will tailor make your tour to suit your needs and budget.  Here you can enjoy the convenience of pre-booked services like accommodation and vehicle hire, and still keep the flexibility and freedom to spend your holiday with activities and excursions throughout at your own pace.   We will supply you with travel documents including maps, directions, 24 hour emergency numbers and travel tips, to ensure that your trip will be an unforgettable journey. 


Namibia and its neighboring countries are ideal for self drive tours.   For an individual consultation and quote please >>contact us now!

dsci0582 small Flying Safaris

One of the most extraordinary and exciting ways to explore Africa, is from a bird’s eye view.  It is an exclusive adventure that will guarantee an unforgettable experience.  The breathtaking views of the spectacular landscapes and wildlife provide unique photo opportunities. One of the advantages of a Flying Safari is, if time is of the essence, it gives you the opportunity to get from place to another in the quickest possible time, and still allowing you to enjoy the highlights of the country.



Each flying safari can be customized to suit your individual needs!  >>Contact us now for a quotation.

dsc 0006 small Guided Tours

Guided yes! – but individual please!

On a guided tour you will be accompanied by your personal tour guide throughout your journey and this on its own will add incredible depth to your Safari.  We use guides that are passionate, not only for their work, but also towards their country.  They are knowledgeable and have many years of experience.  The guides will share with you their expertise about Namibian culture, history, geography and fauna and flora.  Guided tours are ideal if you want some freedom but still have the comfort of a guide!


Africa is waiting to be discovered by you!  >>Contact us now for a quotation.

dsc02605 small Kids On Safari

„Boa“ - To see elephants in real life! AND Lions!


Television programs, computer games and mobile phones are quickly forgotten when it comes to a safari. And yes, one can take children with on a safari! Namibia is a great destination for children. Wildlife viewing in Etosha National Park is equally an unforgettable experience as friendly sea lions on a dolphin cruise and climinbing up giant sand dunes in Sossusvlei or Swkaopmund.  Of course, long travel times, bad roads and hours of game drives are nothing for children; we know this from personal experience.  The Safari must therefore be planned well.  Namibia offers, as a safe country with good health care and areas free of malaria, countless opportunities for a stress-free and memorable family vacation. 

Show your children the colorful, cheerful and fascinating land!  >>Contact us now, we will help you with your planning. 

horseriders Adventure & Active

Have you ever ...

... gone on a walk with a lion?

… took a hike with a mule through the second largest canyon in the world?

... took a ride on an elephant?

…gone rhino tracking on foot?

... swam next to the rim of the mighty Victoria Falls?

…gone horseback riding in the African Bush?

…shared your sleeping area with an elephant?

... seen Namibia’s highest mountain from a hot air balloon?

or perhaps

…stayed under the open sky in the oldest desert in the world?

No? Then it is about time! From a relaxed journeyman to an adrenaline junkie – we know exactly how to tickle your fancy.  >>Contact us now for a quotation!

dsc00937 small Camping

Camping in Africa – the most exciting and most beautiful „bedroom“ in the world!

Namibia is a camper’s paradise. There is a wide choice of sites all over Namibia for seasoned campers or nervous novices on their first camping holiday, from luxury campsites under shady trees and grassy lawns, to wild places under a camel-thorn tree in a sandy riverbed.In recent years, there has been a growth in preference for conservancy or community campsites. These campsites, especially in the northwest and northeast of the country, have stylishly natural designs, and have been built with material from the area such as ‘latte’ (sapling poles), reeds and thatch, with some being constructed creatively in boulder alcoves or on riverbanks. The majority have flush toilets and hot water, provided either by solar panels or the remarkably efficient wood-burning ‘donkeys’, and a shaded lapa area or kitchen counter with sink and wooden railway-sleeper counter tops. Others, in the watery north, have decks overlooking the river.

Would you like to experience the country up close and under star-studded skies, then >>contact us now for a quotation.

5 small Wellness

Wellness in the wilderness…

Whether it's the fresh breeze from the Atlantic Ocean, the unique smell of the bush or the inspiring songs of the birds, the presence of Mother Nature is felt everywhere and contributes significantly to the wellbeing. While the Spa is at European standard, in Namibia wellness and wilderness go hand in hand. Depart on a morning game drive and spend your afternoon relaxing with an exfoliation and massage in the middle of the steppe.   Every effort is made to pamper guests.  Various sport activities are often on the list of activities offered by the accommodations.  Our personal tip is the Onduruquea lodge near Omaruru, which offers first class Spa treatments and a wide range of fitness classes .

If you too would like experience the wonderful combination of wildlife, nature and wellness, please >>contact us now.  

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